Freitag, September 25, 2009

The experience of growing-up

NOM*D is a New Zealand based fashion label which is jointly responsible for "defining the style that is now referred to as 'The New Zealand Look'". Margarita Robertson, the designer, always arises untouched by trends and uses reworked vintage pieces in her designs. As the label is situated in Dunedin, known for its gothic and alternative music scene, the collections are "dark and wittily sombre".
The label's new lookbook Turncoats for Fall/Winter 2010 is produced as a video, which was directed by Kirsty Cameron. Its magic atmosphere immediatelly captivated me. The beginning reminds of The Virgin Suicides and the end of Where The Wild Things Are, right? Have a look!
Btw the clothes are totally gorgeous, love the layering.

via pedestrian and nomd


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