Dienstag, November 10, 2009

Now it's official

The adorable Gemma Ward quits modelling, as her agent announced yesterday!

This beautiful Australian girl, who is known for her childlike and dollish face, has a status of a supermodel. She has been in shows for all the famous designers, was the youngest model to appear on the American Vogue cover and was also chosen as a cover model for the first issues of Vogue China and Vogue India.
After Gemma announced that she wanted to work on her acting career last year, gossip was going around that she decided to quit modelling. Since then we all hoped that this rumour isn't true. Much to my regret her agent affirmed the suspicion yesterday.
Well, I still hope that she will change her mind because she was one of my favourite models. And if not we will surely see her acting in movies, I'm excited.


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