Samstag, Januar 09, 2010

Filmtipp: "Where the wild things are" - There is one in all of us

Watched Where the wild things are with my boyfriend while I was at home in the holidays. And I think it is one of the best films ever!
I've never read the book by Maurice Sendak, so I was unaware of the story and I must admit that this is in no way just for kids. The film's got so much magic in it! Spike Jonze really knows how to play with light and pictures and Karen O and the Kids also contributed a big part to it with their dreamy songs. When I got out of the cinema all around me seemed so quiet and peaceful, great! All in all the whole discrepancies with the film production companies, which made the movie release almost ten years later than actually intended, were definitely worth it.
And the little Max, starring Max Records, is the cutest little boy alive. Hope to see him in much more film parts.

Go and see!


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